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Defining a new genre for social gaming on PC, consoles, and Augmented Reality
Inkfish Studio's debut x-platform title expected December 2017

London, 14th September 2017

EONWAR is the world’s first LOCAS (Local and Online Competitive Action Strategy) digiboard-game surrounding important questions for humanity, challenging our perception of what social-same-space gaming is and where it’s headed. Further info at www.eonwar.net

Attempting to galvanize both board and video gamers, EonWar creates a convenient and familiar RISK-like setting for its strategy with the inclusion of key context driven battles and mini-games spanning several disciplines; these include deck management, social and piloting skills, arcade combat, dexterity, logic and more in place of traditional or RNG dice.

It’s a salut to concept games in movies during the 80’s, the golden adolescent years of Inkfish MD and the game’s designer Mario Kolovos:

“I’ve always wanted to play NUKEM, DEJARIK and DOMINATION [Robocop, StarWars & James Bond respectively]. I grew up waiting for these games to be made and sadly, I still am.”

EonWar boasts both a casual ‘pickup n’ play’ simplicity alongside a deeper, competitive experience. Aimed at the maturer strategy gamer, additional systems allow players to choose quick, yet engaging play over more granular control:

“A lot of time’s been spent ensuring the game is accessible to all. Gamers my age rarely find time to sit for a half hour in front of the box, never mind 20 hours needed just to gain momentum in most games…” Mario exclaims, he continues:

“Given that EonWar is such a unique title that also integrates apps, we faced many challenges. There’s no handbook when you’re pioneering, a lot of this stuff is trial and error but thankfully we’ve nailed the main systems, they’re intuitive and scalable so anyone can find a balance for playtime.”

Remarkably for a strategy game, EonWar aims to be cross-platform and fully compatible with game controllers, ensuring a level playing field across consoles and PC.

Its price point also deserves attention; scheduled for Early Access release on Steam this December at a more than reasonable £9.99, it’s humbling to see a 3D game confident in its achievements and pricing itself inline with its mission: accessible to all. Nothing is more encouraging. For the skeptics, a fully functional demo (limited to 3 players) is available, offering endless replayability thanks to its random generated content and 6UP local-merged-with-online multiplayer and a groovy original techy soundtrack to boot.

When asked for the main inspiration driving the team, Mario responds:

“We’re all for next-gen board games like Eon and all the possibilities of A.R. I can’t wait ‘til we can rock-up to a gaming table and are ready to play in a few seconds. And not feel like dragging a game to conclusion just because the birds start singing outside... game-saves are a welcome luxury for tabletop games, yet rarely available.”

Inkfish’s vision for EonWar doesn’t end there; the company has plans to release the title on an A.R. platform (keeping shtum for now) claiming it is perfectly suited to the emerging technology and have already taken steps to make their mark in the sector.

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