EONWAR is a Local and Online Competitive Action Strategy (LOCAS) game. It's mission is to create a level playing field and bring together all gamers- whether from traditional table-top board games, PC, console, online or locally in the same room... EonWar will cater for all. It's two game modes allow for casual pick-up-and-play or a deeply strategic and competitive experience.

All showcased media are a WORK IN PROGRESS. Steam Early Access expected 2017     


Simple RISK-like strategy, plan your attack using Infantry, Tanks, Fighters and Transports.
Mine, scavange or steal resources from unsuspecting players.
Capture colonies to increase your intel.
Formulate a grand strategy to ensure your soldiers are the last men standing.

Arcade Combat

Item 1

Take direct control of your units in arena battles across space and planet-side.
Over 6 planets to explore and conquer each with its own atmosphere and often deadly ecosystem.

Piloting Skills

Send missiles across eons of space to knock out planetary defences. Wipe out entire armadas and in some cases, civilisations.

Infiltrate & Conquer

Item 2

Storm enemy bases to hack their defence mainframe and bring the planet to submission, loot it and widen your intel.

Commander Cards

Item 6

36 unique, beautifully drawn commander cards, each with strategy and battle skills.
Call upon a commanders expertise to shift the tide of war.

Special Actions

Item 4

Bribe, steal, bluff and sabotage your way to victory; options present themselves often, will you expolit them in time?

6 Player Local, Online & Cross-Platform

Item 5

No matter which platform you're on or who you're with, take up command of your forces and conquer Omega Centauri. The Free EonWar app (local play only) converts your phone/ tablet into your own PCP; grab a controller and you're ready to go.


What is a LOCAS game?

What is a LOCAS game?

So you've heard the term LOCAS game, but what does it actually mean? Well it's an acronym for: Local and Online Competitive Action Strategy and has it roots firmly set in social gaming in the same physical space. It is the unavoidable evolution of the humble tabletop board game, played with others in the same room, instead of opponents being exclusively virtual.

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